Tuiscope page header graphic showing Mt Pirongia, some hydrangeas and two Tuiscope logo tuis.

The bird who inhabits my business cards.

Tuiscope is a Waikato home business. I live and work at Te Pahu - a rural community on the northern slopes of Mt Pirongia. I was born in the Waikato town of Te Awamutu and although I lived in Auckland from the age of 7 until the turn of the millenium, some of my happiest childhood memories were playing on the slopes of Mt Pirongia as a child. Pirongia has always seemed like my mountain to me. It felt like a complete homecoming to finally move back here in the year 2000, build a hilltop home here on a foothill of Pirongia, (its called Bagnall's Hill) plant fruit trees and settle down beside my mountain. The room where I sit writing now has a glorious view looking south at all the wild weather rolling across the mountain from west to east. I've even seen snow up there!

For lots more photos of the lovely Waikato region I live in . . .
I recommend you visit the Tuiscope website built for the Pirongia Tourism Association .

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Waikato landscape with Pirongia mountain in the background. Tuiscope photo.
Mount Pirongia as seen from Hamilton.
Typical Waikato countryside in summer.Tuiscope photo.
Rich Waikato farmland with cows grazing
A wintry landscape including the iconic Mt Pirongia.Tuiscope photo.
A wintry view of Mt Pirongia
manuka flowers, honeybee and the Waikato countryside. Compound image. Tuiscope photo.
The Kaniwhaniwha Stream flows down the northern flank of Mt Pirongia. Bees working the manuka flowers show the Waikato is truly a land of milk and honey.

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