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Captivity is Worse
The dolphins that are captured, instead of being killed, at Taiji (and other places in the world) are torn away from their beloved friends and families and sold into imprisonment and slavery from which there is no hope of escape. It causes them unspeakable suffering.

dolphin imprisoned in a concrete poolMost Dolphins would Prefer Death . . .

. . . to confinement in a concrete pool. They are supposed to dive far into the inky depths to hunt their food and swim for hours in a limitless ocean. It is exactly like locking a 6 yr old human in a black cupboard. Dolphins are supposed to be surrounded by their social groups and family connections just like humans or more so.

We imprison our worst criminals in a similar way but these dolphins have committed no crime. Many of them die prematurely and I suspect, they die with broken hearts. We want this to end.

Please support us by being at the SJD day gathering in Auckland. You might even want to phone your local paper to explain why you are going to the demonstration.

Make a placard to carry to the demonstration. It might say "Save Japan Dolphins" or "Cetaceans are Sentient Beings", or "Stop Killing Dolphins" or simply "We Love Dolphins" There is also a new phrase which is gaining in popularity around the world - "Dolphins are non-human people."

And no matter where you may travel in the world, never never pay to visit a show involving captive dolphins. Giving the jailers your money encourages them to keep doing it. Nor should you consider staying in any hotel that keeps captive dolphins to entertain its guests. The open sea is the only place where dolphins truly belong.

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