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Tui Allen's story of Ripple shows what goes on in the minds of dolphins.

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  • The cover design (right) for Ripple was created by Joe Bergeron. Joe was my first choice of artist for Ripple because of his knowledge of astronomy as well as for his amazing art. Visit his web site and check out some more of his work. You also might want to read some of his books. I've enjoyed several now.

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Proof that Ripple Existed
During the process of writing the story, I made a special trip to the Otago University in Dunedin. Scientists there showed me Ripple's twenty million year old fossil skull. This is not a model, nor an impression left in stone; this is the actual skull, made of Ripple's bone. The scientists in Dunedin give her mortal remains the care and reverence they deserve. I include a photograph of the skull below with my hands around her.

Ripple was a kentriodontid, a strain of ancient dolphin, whose descendants still dance across our modern oceans. I was able to identify the skull as Ripple's by the scar shown in the photo, which I recognised. Ripple received it from Vipa, first of the eight tentacles of Erishkigal:

Erishkigal Shadow Queen
Vipa, Venga, Malevine,
Lucifina, Sadistine,
Fera, Lashette and Clawdine.

The skull of the dolphin Ripple whose achievements altered the vibrations of the Universe.

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