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Maui's dolphin drawing by Tui Allen of Tuiscope, author of Ripple.The world's rarest marine dolphin is the Maui's dolphin that lives off the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. There are now only around 60 of them left alive. They are dying in fishing nets and by fishing by-catch. If they go extinct which is inevitable unless the fishermen are stopped, they will be the first species of marine dolphins to die out at the hand of man. And it will happen right here in my own country and in my own lifetime.

The story of Ripple happens twenty million years in the past. But the deities gave us the story in the hope we humans will prevent the dolphinless future they foresee for this planet. That possible future is displayed in the final chapter of the book - the chapter that takes us over 200 years forward in time.
However, to my horror, I now discover that bleak future is happening already right here and now, and we humans are doing little to prevent it.
I've sent a copy of Ripple to the Minister of Conservation, Kate Wilkinson, in the hope she will read it and act to stop the fishing in the Maui's zones.
I have also marched, demonstrated, signed petitions and entered several home-made rafts into the annual Mauis Dolphin Day re-cycled Raft Race at Raglan .

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