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Kay Wolfe

Thursday 18th November 2010

This was the day we discovered that Kay did not make it. Now she will never see the roses we collected for her.

Though Kay is no stranger to us, the following lines by James K Baxter, seem to have many different shades of relevance at a time like this:

Upon the upland road,
Ride easy stranger.

Surrender to the sky
Your heart of anger.

But Kay, how we will all miss you.
Jeff saw you recently when you stepped out of the van, smiling as usual, at the K2 ride in the Coromandel. He gave you a hug. That is now a precious memory for him.

A MEMORIAL RIDE has been organised by Morrinsville Wheelers to commemorate Willie Muller , Mark Fergusson, and now Kay Wolfe. The ride is scheduled for Tuesday evening, 23 November, meeting at Hangawera Rd (off the Morrinsville /Tahuna Rd, just out of town on the left) at 6pm and riding 6.30pm. This is a neutralised ride and members of all cycling clubs are most welcome.
Full details of the ride are available here on the Morrinsville Wheelers website:

Monday 15th November 2010

This page is for our friend Kay Wolfe who is in hospital today, critically injured after a car ploughed into the bunch she was riding with yesterday.

I have been growing roses for few years now, though not showing much aptitude. I always dreamed of being able to go out into my garden and bring in a huge armful of various kinds of roses. This morning I was just about to go out and pick the usual rose or two I like to have beside my computer as I work each day, when I received an email from my cycling friend Dell Raynes telling me that Kay was the one who was injured in yesterday's horrific crash in which two of our male Waikato cyclists died.

The two who died were Wilhelm Muller (71) and Mark Fergusson (46). I do not personally know these men but they were cyclists of the Waikato so we value them as we value all our local cycling friends. We never want to hear about this happening to any of us. I'm sure I speak for every Waikato cyclist when I say, our thoughts are with the families of Wilhelm and Mark today.

I went out to get the roses anyway, thinking these roses will be for Kay. Would you believe, the bushes were dripping with roses and for the first time in all these years of rose-growing, I came in with the arms-ful I've always dreamed of. It was as though Mother Nature was saying, “For Kay, I will give you all these.” While I was gathering them, I cried for these three cyclists, the two who died and my friend Kay, who has lived to fight on.

I know there is no place for flowers in intensive care wards, so I decided to make a web page for Kay and put Kay's roses up here where all her many cycling friends can see them, and where soon she will be able to see them for herself, still looking as fresh as they look today. Please as you look at them try to dream up the heavenly smell they are sending drifting around me as I work on this "Get-well" page for her.

The photo above shows Kay as we know her so well, ready to jump on her bike and go for it, in the Taupo Day-night Thriller. Today we are all hoping she is going to pull through and get back to us the way we remember her, though from what I hear, things are not looking good for her right now.

She is a good friend, a great team-member, an expert rider, a wonderful mother and a friendly warm-hearted lady who is much loved and valued, by all her dozens of close cycling friends in the Waikato. Fight hard Kay. This could be your hardest ride, and I'm sure that superb fitness and strength you work so hard to maintain, will help to get you through.

The photo below show the roses I picked this morning whose smell is even more beautiful than their colours.

Tui Allen, on behalf of Kay's team-members,
Rachel Algar and Annetta Tegel and all other Waikato cyclists

If you wish to send a flower photo and message for Kay, send it to Tui and she will display it below. If you want to send a message but you have no photo, we now have plenty of rose photos to spare.

Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe
For my beautiful sister.
Ann Willis (Kay's sister)
To the best mum
and sister
that ever existed,
Love from Kelly,
Wendy and Sandy xxx
To Kay – our wonderful sister in law and aunty. You added such richness and fun to our family life and we have so many memories of wonderful times together. Love Susanne, Dean, Sean and Kate For Kay, with love
and prayers from
the Cochran family
Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe
To Kay, with love to you
and your family.In our
thoughts and prayers
From the Bray family
Roses for Kay from a
South Island mtbiker whose
daughter was an Ambo at
the horrific scene (also a
cyclist). This accident has
touched not only the
Waikato but the whole
country. Our love and
prayers are with Kay and
her family.
Kia Kaha. Keep fighting.
Debbie Hills
I have ridden with Kay (and
Roger and Gavin) on many
occasions. It’s tragic that
this should happen, and even
more so given what a lovely
lady she is. My very best
wishes, and every hope for
a great recovery.
Kind Regards Gavin Bird
For you Kay…A rose for
a strong and lovely lady. 
We all send you strength
and love to return to us.
Special thoughts for your

Isy K

Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe
For Kay, all of our love
and support from
the Bidgood family,
Rob, Tyree, Amber and Sage
I'm sorry to hear about
the accident and my
thoughts and prayers
go out to the Wolfe family.
Jason and Ashley Savill
and the crew at Mellow
Johnny's, Austin, Texas
Dear Kay,
We all pray for your full
recovery from such
a terrible accident.
The Hurford family.
I was devastated to hear
of Kay's awful accident.
My thoughts and prayers
are with you all day
everyday. Thinking of
you and all your family.
Marguerite Ritchie xx
Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe
and the little brother whom I have not met, whom,
I am sure, is as friendly
as the rest of the family.
My thoughts are with you
all at this time, I know
that you will gain strength
from each other, you are
an amazing family.
Terry Beech
Hi Kay, Its the talk of this
little town under the big
mountain as this is where
Mark worked, (Bunnings).
Thoughts are now with
us for your speedy and
full recovery and with every
RPM (Mtbike of course)
a wish comes your way,
and for your family.
Be strong come back
to us stronger.
Geoff Buysman
Aunty Kay, keep fighting
strong! Thinking of you
every day. And to Kell,
Gav, Shane and Roger,
keep going strong for her.
She needs all your strength.
Love you so much, Sammy.
Kay, our thoughts and
prayers are with you and
your family. Fight hard!
All our love
Maria & Graeme
(Black Stump Team)
Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe Flowers for Kay Wolfe
To Kay and family, our
thoughts are with you
at this time, Regards

Rachel and James xx

I am wishing you well
with all my heart.

Annetta Tegel

Kay I will miss your friendly
face on Wed. night Pukete
races.  You made me go
that bit harder. Thanks for
that. Wish I could have
known you better.  My
deepest sympathy to the
Wolfe family and Ann.
Love Dell Raynes
Kay, things were always
more fun when you were
around. I'll never forget
the fun we had, sending
the crowds wild at the
Day/Night Thriller

Tui Allen

Flowers for Kay Wolfe

Dear Kay thank you for all the fun times we shared for 16 years. You tried so hard to get well for your loving family but it wasn't to be. Just know that we will always be there for Roger and the kids.
Miss you Love Sheryl and Ron

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