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The bird who inhabits my business cards.

This show is a two-part interview for the 'On the Brink' radio show, hosted by Jeff Phillips/Wefferson on UCY.TV, with New Zealand author Tui Allen, who has published a novel entitled 'Ripple.'
Ripple is the twenty-million year old story of how one dolphin was inspired by love to an intellectual achievement that changed the universe. The first part of the interview was filmed on the slopes of the ancient Pirongia volcano near Hamilton, and the second part at Manu Bay near Raglan, which is within the habitat zone of the critically endangered Maui's dolphins. Tui talks about her early life in a sailing family, her inspiration for 'Ripple', the art of writing and literature as a form of creative expression. We discuss literature written from the perspective of non-human beings, for example, the classic book 'Black Beauty.' Tui recites a portion of Coleridge's 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner', and we also talk about the late Sir Peter Blake, who Tui knew, as well as 'Melody' the sequel to 'Ripple' currently under way. We close the dialogue with comments on what we all can do...or stop order REALLY to help all the whales and dolphins of Mother Earth, beyond just talking about it!

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