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The bird who inhabits my business cards.

These are all Friends Because they areTuiscope Sites

These are just Friends Because they are So Great

  • The Peter Blake Trust - this is an organisation close to my heart. I knew Sir Peter, long before he was a 'Sir'. He sailed with both my father long long ago and he also sailed with my brother Joe on two successful (5 zip) America's cup campaigns. The trust has the same environmental objectives as my story Ripple. Cosmo's life as an adventurer travelling into the unknown is also a reflection of the trust's leadership objectives.
  • The Pain Train, Il Treno Dolore, "Ride it like ya stole it". LEGENDS of Waikato on two wheels, skinny or fat.
  • Creative Hub This is where you go to learn to write or to improve your writing skills and to make friends with other writers who are all on their way to becoming famous authors. In 2010 I drove to Auckland from my home in the Waikato and back every Wednesday to attend the course. It's four hours driving in one day but it's well worth it. Now the course is over, my course-mates, called "The Rogues" still meet up regularly.
  • Hillcrest Electronics
    Dave Bursell of Hillcrest Electronics is my computer guru. He lives and works in Auckland and builds and upgrades the Tuiscope computers and always has, almost since my very first computer. I am trying to persuade him to come and live in the Bay of Islands so he's closer. He's an absolute technical wizard and no computer has the same 'feel' as one that has been set up by Dave, so it's worth the travelling. An unusual and interesting personality who would make a great book character.

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