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Ripple Leaps from the Past to Help the Dolphins of Today.The dolphin Ripple leaping, drawn by Tui Allen of Tuiscope.

FULLĀ PROCEEDS of the sale of the e-book or print book of Ripple for the first 5Ā½ months she was on sale went to the Whale and Dophin Conservation Society International who use the money to help cetaceans directly. From the end of February 2012 the WDCS receive a percentage of every sale.

Thus Ripple helps today's dolphins in two ways:

  • By providing money to those directly involved with cetacean conservaton
  • By changing human attitudes and improving human understanding of dolphins through Ripple's story itself. The story Black Beauty made the world a better place for horses by allowing humans to understand their lives. We hope Ripple cn do the same for dolphins.

Shark Finning
One of the worst atrocities happening on our oceans is the taking of sharks' fins for soup. It is an environmental crime as well as an animal cruelty issue. Sharks have been occupying our oceans even longer than whales and dolphins. The fishermen catch the animal, remove its fins and then leave it to a slow helpless death. Shark numbers are declining dangerously all over the world because of the huge prices paid for the fins. The soup is tasteless but in high demand in Asian countries because it is a status symbol. Sharks are a vital part of the marine ecology that keeps our planet alive. Click the graphic below for more information on this:

Maui's Dolphins in Crisis

Read about it on the Tuiscope Maui's Dolphins page.

A ghostlike Phoebe-the-cat haunts a glorious sunrise on Bagnall's Hill in Te Pahu.

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